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Dudley lock combinations serial number

Dudley lock combinations serial number

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A simple combination generator to help you unlock Dudley Locks. Dudley Lock Combination Generator (disclaimer: intended for legal purposes). How to find your Lock's Seed Number: With the to be between 4 to 9). My Seed Number is. Control Chart: Each order of key control locks comes with a paper control chart that contains the serial number and the corresponding combination numbers. 18 Jan The serial number is PB if that helps. Sep 06, How to unlock any Dudley combination lock in. Actual dudley combination lock.

4 Sep But it really isn't difficult to get the combination for a Dudley you've never This is the first position of this lock, so take a number in the middle. Despite having 60 different numbers, Dudley locks actually really only have 10 different possible positions. Each position is 4 numbers long, with a 2 number. Our Lost Combination FAQ provides answers and support to help you gain access to your lock.

on the back of some of those dial combo locks there are small numbers stamped in the back ~~ with those numbers your local locksmith shop. For a Dudley lock, assume all numbers in the combination are a multiple of 3 (this is fair because of the size of the grooves). This cuts it down to. Dudley locks have three code-wheels inside them. . there site did that say you could put in serial number and it would give the lock combo?. Master Lock combination padlocks have been known to be vulnerable to an attack Make sure all three numbers are entered into the calculator at the top of this page, How To: Crack open a Dudley combination lock . Same as others here, I have an older lock from maybe years ago, serial on bottom reads CF. Not pick the lock (picking a master lock will not get you the combo). video will show you how to crack your number based combination lock in only 8 seconds.

3 Mar There is a brand of combination locks called Zephyr. . You keep spinning the dial until you reach the 2nd number, and the 2nd cam notch will. Conventionally, a combination lock is opened by turning the dial two turns to the Note that for the Dudley lock, the left-right-left has the first number increase. Some locks will not have a serial number. validate your ownership of the lock and provide you with the combination. Finding Combinations for the Master Locks with Serial Numbers Beginning with purpose method for finding combinations for three number combination locks Master locks, ACE Hardware locks, American and Dudley combination locks.